Sunday, September 11, 2011

Short Ride Sept 5th

Well it has been months since getting on the bike and we were all ready. The weather the past couple of days was much cooler so in our nightly staff meeting we decided to go for a ride the next day. It was going to be Jimmie, Jim, Phillip, and I. We did not settle on a destination until we met at my house. We decided it would be Joe Pool Lake.

Having been off the bike for several months and it not be started nearly as long, I did not want to hit high speeds right out of the gate. Well we got on 183 headed East and Phillip in the lead took off like a shot. To make a long story short I exited after the second exit, told them I would meet them at the destination as I wanted to take it easy on the bike and get my own bikemenship up to par before hitting high speeds. So Jim and I started down the back roads while Jimmie and Phillip took off down the highway.

As it turned out I got lost temporally and found this park. Jim and I stopped for a bio break. The park is much cooler then the shots, there is a small fishing pond and other cool sites, I plan to ride back that way again.

At the park we decided to abandon going to Joe Pool and decided to head towards the Trinity River Bottoms. I texted Philip and Jim to advise of our game plan change. As it turns out Jimmie dropped his bike in the parking lot and they had to head back.

Here are some shots of the trinity, the garbage made me mad and with the water level so low you sure could see it all.

After riding around the bottoms we headed up north and had lunch and then headed home. It was great getting back on the road again.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Las Vegas Vacation - Take 4

We have almost had all weather hit us, today we saw a mini funnel cloud, and ran smack into a dust storm. So we have had rain, extremely heavy wind, snow, and now dust to top it all off. No wonder my Van needed work in Las Vegas just to get us this far home. Mental note to self: get air filter changed as soon as we hit home.

We are now in Willcox Az with hopes to hit Van Horn Tx or further depending on when we can get out of here. As predicted Val spent time at the Gem and Art show this morning so our departure time was not until 1110 am. We got a text from Val’s sister that Vegas had a few minutes of snow flurries today and while it is what I am being told “unusually cold down here” I am still glad that Val came up with the idea of taking the southerly route. I know all of my northern family (over 90% of the family) is now going to laugh their butts off, I am no longer at all used to this type of cold cruddy weather. I have made a promise to myself to never travel this time a year again.

Well this take is for day 3 of our trip which was the snowy part of the trip headed to Vegas.

The next several shots are of the hotel we stayed in Gallup NM. It was a very nice hotel and the prices this time of year were just above good but they were reasonable. The hospitality was fair to good. I think this is really a party place in the summer. The food was again what I would call fair and the staff over loaded but they seemed to take it in stride fairly well. Over all I would suggest going there again, but take a room with a bigger bathroom. It was hard getting off the john. The hotel is very rustic so if you are into modern this may not be the place for you, but we over all enjoyed it.

To stay on the first floor we got 2 double beds. A bit small but it worked.

The outside shots are for the value of snow. I know not much for you northerners but for me any is too much.

Now for the cozy in door shots.

They name the rooms and this was ours.

The name of the hotel is next.

You have all seen this picture of the front before.

Some road pictures of Day 3 will be in take 5.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Las Vegas Vacation - Take 3

This is the rest of day 2, mostly all shots.

The next two shots are at another stop and then the rest are all Val shooting while on the road.

Now the rest are on the road as we approach the end of our day in Gallup NM, it has been so cold today that we did not take many pictures as we stopped so hence Val shot some while on the road.

Well for sure that is all for tonight as it is now 12:10 am local time.